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Business investigations

Business investigations

Cambodia is often described with unflattering monikers such as “Scambodia” and even “the wild west of Asia”. While we are reluctant to use these terms ourselves, we appreciate that the country has not gained such nicknames without good reason.

It is no secret that corruption is rife in Cambodia. Statistics published by GAN business anti-corruption portal claim that corruption among judges, prosecutors, police and court officials is widespread across Cambodia.

Many people find themselves falling victim to fraud while trying to conduct business in Cambodia. We have found that the police are often reluctant to investigate complex fraud cases or matters of finance which usually require lots of resources and time. It is very important to make sure that the deals you enter into in Cambodia are legitimate before any transaction takes place.

Cambodia is a truly unique place with its own culture and tradition. Foreigners can find it difficult to determine who is trustworthy and when they are being taken advantage of. We believe that it’s vital to have local people looking after your interests in Cambodia. Our company is able to put Khmer people in your corner while providing you with a native English speaker to manage your case, making sure that your concerns, requirements and needs are all fully understood by us.

If you’re doing any type of business in Cambodia, it makes sense to perform the proper due diligence beforehand, and this is where we come in. From fact checking to verifying a company’s physical presence in the country, we aim to assist individuals and companies alike with business investigations and due diligence. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members today for help and advice.

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