Cheating husband in Cambodia investigation

Foreign men investigations

Is your boyfriend or husband visiting Cambodia? What could he be doing there?

With an estimated 55,000 prostitutes in Cambodia, the country provides a growing lure to so-called sex tourists – foreign men visiting the country with the goal of engaging prostitutes during their stays.

And with the ever present drive of poverty in Cambodia, there is little that money cannot buy in the country.

Many of the foreign men that we investigate for infidelity in Cambodia are spending time with ladies of the night. Many others are found to have developed relationships with Khmer ladies that are not working in the sex industry. We often see considerable age gaps between these couples.

Men may think that they can travel to Cambodia, leaving their partners at home and act with impunity during their stay in the country. However, we have investigated many foreign men and found out what they are truly doing in Cambodia, often reporting back to their partners in real time.

There is nothing worse than being lied to and cheated on. Let us act as your eyes and ears on the ground in Cambodia. We work tirelessly to gather evidence for our clients. Evidence which is gathered by us can act as undeniable proof of infidelity. The evidence may also be useful in subsequent divorce proceedings.

If you’re having doubts about your boyfriend or husband, then feel free to get in touch with us. We offer free, no pressure quotes for all work and would be glad to help you.

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Foreign men investigations
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