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Missing people investigations

Missing people investigations

Have you lost touch with an old friend? Perhaps a relative holidaying in Cambodia has stopped making contact. Maybe you’ve met someone during a recent trip to Cambodia and are looking to get back in contact with them. There are many different reasons that you might need to get in touch with someone in Cambodia. Without the right contacts finding missing people can be the equivalent to searching for a moving needle in a haystack, and this could not be truer in a place such as Cambodia… Especially if you’re also dealing with language and cultural barriers.

Our Khmer agents are well connected in Phnom Penh and ready to help you search for missing people and restore lost contacts.

When getting in touch with us regarding a missing person, please include as much information as possible with your inquiry. For example, do you have the person’s last known whereabouts? Do they have any friends that might be able to assist us? What about their employment history? Do they regularly visit the same coffee shop or bar?

The smallest details can make all the difference when looking for a missing person, so be sure to include every iota of information that you have about them. We will do our best to study the information and come up with a strategy to find them.

Missing people investigations are often time critical; where often the longer you wait before trying to find someone; the more difficult it can be to locate them. Don’t delay and send us your inquiry straightaway.

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