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Our services

Please click through the pages below to read about some of the different services that we offer. Feel free to contact us if you need help with something that isn't listed on our website, we are always happy to help wherever possible.

Lady investigations

Are you involved with a lady in Cambodia? We can help to investigate ladies from all different walks of life that are suspected of infidelity. Read more about lady investigations.

Foreign men investigations

Is your boyfriend or husband visiting Cambodia? We have investigated all manner of different foreign men in Cambodia. Read more about foreign men investigations.

Business investigations

If you're doing any type of business in Cambodia, it's wise to protect yourself by performing checks and due diligence. We can help. Read more about business investigations.

Missing people investigations

Have you lost contact with someone and are struggling to get back in touch? We are proud to have reunited many of our clients with their friends or loved ones. Read more about missing people investigations.

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