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Cambodia business investigations & due diligence

Cambodia is often described with unflattering monikers such as “Scambodia” and even “the wild west of Asia”. We don’t condone any derogative terms which are used to describe Cambodia. And whilst we are understandably reluctant to use these terms ourselves, we appreciate that the country has not gained such nicknames without reason. We see fraud as a growing problem in Cambodia, as the country’s economy continues to develop it is predicted that financial crimes such as fraud will also expand at a similar rate; and potentially at a rate comparable to that which is seen in countries in the Western world.

Corruption in Cambodia has been described [by GAN business anti-corruption portal] as posing a significant risk to investors... These statistics also indicate that corruption among judges, prosecutors, police and court officials is widespread across Cambodia. We feel it’s important to recognize this when you are going into business with companies or private individuals that are based here. Our goal is to help protect your interests by checking facts and verifying whether or not a business is legitimate.

We believe that it is wise to perform at least basic due diligence when doing business with individuals or firms that are based in Cambodia. Often basic checks on properties, suppliers or factories can be used to indicate the legitimacy of any individual or company that claims to be doing business here. Site visits can also help to check the working conditions, staff PPE and the general welfare of employees. We have seen numerous different cases where nefarious individuals have claimed to supply good or materials in Cambodia; after attracting a victim and receiving payment these “fly by night” characters often disappear with no trace or tangible path to recovering money from them. We always prefer to help check an individual or business before a transaction has taken place, rather than trying to work backwards after an incident of fraud has already taken place.

Fraudsters operating out of Cambodia are often foreigners with little connection to the country. Sometimes fraudsters will claim to operate out of the country while they live somewhere else, likely never having visited the country… We have seen incidents of fraud which have involved registered companies or other legal entities, as well as many other fraudsters which have taken less sophisticated methods to make themselves appear legitimate.

If you need our help to check a company in Cambodia then please get in touch with one of our experienced team members and outline how you would like us to help.

Fraud in Cambodia

Many people find themselves falling victim to fraud while trying to conduct business in Cambodia. We have found that the police are often reluctant to investigate complex fraud cases or matters of finance which usually require lots of resources and time. It is very important to make sure that the deals you enter into in Cambodia are legitimate before any transaction takes place. We can help to protect your interests by conducting anti-fraud investigations and due diligence checks on your behalf.

Cambodia is a truly unique place with its own culture and tradition. Foreigners can find it difficult to determine who is trustworthy and when they are being taken advantage of. We believe that it’s vital to have local people looking after your interests in Cambodia. Our company is able to put Cambodian people in your corner while providing you with a native English speaker to manage your case, making sure that your concerns, requirements and needs are all fully understood by us.

Cambodia fraud investigation

While it is usually not economical for us to investigate scams or conmen in cases which concern small amounts of money, we can help to investigate businesses in Cambodia and perform due diligence before a transaction has taken place. If you need to check the legitimacy of a company in Cambodia and perform site visits to check products, material or stock then feel free to reach out to us for a free, no obligation quote. Fraud investigations are an increasingly common undertaking for us and we endeavour to help anyone that reaches out to us to the fullest extent. Please feel free to get in touch with our team to see if we are able to help and for a free, no pressure quote.

If you’re doing any type of business in Cambodia, it makes sense to perform the proper due diligence beforehand, and this is where we come in. From fact checking to verifying a company’s physical presence in the country, we aim to assist individuals and companies alike with business investigations and due diligence. Our aim is to be responsive and address and questions or concerns that you might have during the process of an investigation. We believe that communication is key and will endeavour to keep you informed at all steps in the process, we can provide you with information and updates in real time, as and where this is necessary. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members today for help and advice on your situation.

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