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We offer a quality Cambodia human translator service for all your translation needs and requirements! In order to ensure the best possible (and most accurate) translations, our translators are all qualified native Cambodian speakers that boast a proper grasp and understanding of the English language. We offer cost effective Cambodia translation services for a wide variety of different clients, for use in a wide variety of different use cases.

The written Khmer script that is used in Cambodia can often prove very difficult for non-native speakers to comprehend. Indeed, many second language speakers are able to understand Khmer verbally by speaking the language, but struggle when it comes to the written Khmer script itself. Such is the nature of the Cambodian Sanskrit lettering that many automated translations tools (such as Google translate, among others) often struggle to come up with accurate translations for the language. Often the meaning of certain words will depend entirely on the context, and producing an accurate translation most always demands the skill of a competent human being – not a robot!

Document translation

Do you need our help to translate documents, messages or e-mails? We can translate English documents into the Cambodian (Khmer) language, and also Cambodian to English document translation. Please find our full list of fees on this page, and feel free to get in touch with us if you require documents to be translated for you. We aim to provide fast turnaround times and typically complete translation cases within 48 to 72 business hours.

Our fee for Cambodian document translation is just $0.09 USD per word, starting with a minimum of 3,000 words. Our fee to translate documents which are up to 3,000 words is a flat rate of $245 USD.*

*Please note: This is our rate for document translation (translating text into text). If you need our help to translate the Cambodian (Khmer) language from a video or audio recording then please find our prices as set out below.

Audio/video translation

We can translate video where the Cambodian (Khmer) language is being spoken into English, or translate English spoken dialog into Cambodian. We strive to produce the most accurate translations in every case. We can translate audio for use in YouTube subtitles or closed captions, videos, films, documentaries and more.

Our fee for Cambodian audio translation is just $0.15 USD per word*, starting with a minimum of 3,000 words! Our fee to translate audio which are up to 2,000 words is a flat rate of $245 USD.

*Please note: In some cases we are asked to translate audio which contains strong regional accents. In such cases we may sometimes require additional work to decipher and translate the person’s dialog. If this is the case, or if the audio provided by you is unclear, then additional fees may apply which would increase our per word rate as quoted above. Please provide samples of the audio that you would like us to translate so that we are able to check the clarity of them before accepting your case.

Kindly note that we will need to receive payment up front and in full before one of our experienced team members begins the task of translating material for you.

Human Cambodia-English translator service

Do you need a Cambodia translator for your press conference, board meeting or gathering? Our qualified staff can be trusted to provide face-to-face translation services across Cambodia from our base in Phnom Penh. We have also provided our translation services over the phone in three way calls, utilizing Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and all major VoIP software. Our on-the-fly translation service can provide a good means to communicate with Cambodian people in real time.

If you require a face-to-face translator (or phone calls translated into Cambodian), then please get in touch with us for a free quote. Please let us know your requirements (such as the length of time that you would like us to make a phone call) and we will endeavour to respond with a free, no pressure quote if we are able to help you.

*Please note: If you speak with a strong accent and require us to translate words that are spoken by you (or anyone else with a strong accent), then please make this clear when getting in touch with us. It’s important to recognize that Cambodian people can sometimes struggle to decipher very heavy foreign accents, so please let us know if you feel that this may cause a problem for us.

Very often when translating between English and Cambodian, small details can make all the difference and it is therefore important to have the most accurate translation available. Our translation team are primarily academics and are relied on to educate young people and adults on their language skills as part of their jobs as educators. Our team are highly educated, professional and competent. We feel that this places us as a leading translation service based in Cambodia.

While the focus of our translation service has historically been document and e-mail or message translation, we are seeing growing demand for the translation of video from Cambodian (Khmer) to English, or from English into Cambodian. Our work has previously been used to subtitle videos, short films, documentaries and advertisements.

Cambodia is home to 16.25 million people, and with a constantly expanding population, the kingdom presents itself as an up and coming economic powerhouse in South East Asia. Our translation and business investigation services aim to move with the pace of Cambodia in 2022. We offer clear, no nonsense fixed pricing for all services. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for more information; we will do our best to assist you.

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