Cambodia secret shopper service

Cambodia secret shopper service

Do you run a business or company in Cambodia and see the potential benefits to be gained through checking your employees? Our experienced local and expat agents often travel across Cambodia as part of our secret shopper service. We can check your employees in Cambodia as well as the level and quality of service provided by them. We operate our secret shopper service across a number of different sectors. After conducting a visit on your behalf, we will report back with our findings. Along with any images/video that were gathered.

Our secret shopper services covers a wide variety of different industries including restaurants, travel, tech, manufacturing, banking/financial services, automotive and hospitality. Our local and expat agents operate in most areas across Cambodia. We can visit businesses and produce clear, concise reports explaining the nature of service and conditions there. We also offer site visits as part of our business investigation services which can be used to check materials or stock; we can also document the living conditions of livestock using still images and video, as desired by our clients and where appropriate.

We have acted as mystery shoppers in a wide variety of different environments and will do our best to cater to the needs and requirements in your case. Allow us to act as your eyes and ears on the ground in Cambodia, gathering information and delivering it back to you in real time.

Our aim is to provide responsive customer support that keeps our clients in touch with us and ‘in the loop’ throughout the process, with a dedicated team member available to answer any questions, comments or concerns that you might have. As we rely heavily on native English speakers for customer support, all reports and communication with our agency is guaranteed to be in perfect, correct English… This might seem a moot point until you are tasked with deciphering the nonsensical contents of a report that is written in broken English! As business owners ourselves, we understand such predicaments and have overcome many similar challenges whilst conducting business in south east Asia.

Our agents are on the ground in Cambodia and ready to accept instructions in your case. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for more information and a free quote. Please make sure to include all relevant information (such as the area in Cambodia where you need us to work), so that we are able to calculate our travel times and provide you with a quotation.

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Cambodia secret shopper service
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